Longing for Love Is Now Available

I finished the final editing of the third book in my series with a few days to spare.  It is already available through Amazon, and I will be getting a supply in a few days to sell through my company.
In other news, I’m continuing to get really touching reviews for The Secret of Emotions, like this one from Sue Woods at GoodReads:

I love this book. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It has given me so many things to think about that most self help books leave out.I am especially thankful that the chart on page 88 is in the book. I am just amazed that the author Justice Saint Rain has given the world a way to recognize our motivations. And in such easy simple ways. This is a small book with a very very big message that can be used by every human being who ever wanted to give their walk in this life a more positive spin and actually know what they are doing and why. Thank you so much Justice.
P.S. I will never be finished reading this book as I intend to keep going back to it to gauge my growth progress, encouragement and support.

Speaking of GoodReads.com, there are only a few days left in my 4 Tools of Emotional Healing give-away.  Sign up for a chance to win!

Now that all three books are done, I might finally have time to write some new blog posts.

Stay tuned!

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