The Secret of Emotions

I will be posting my entire book, The Secret of Emotions here on my blog, a chapter at a time, starting with the introduction. Introduction: If following your heart has repeatedly gotten you into trouble,but to follow your head feels like a kind of soul-death, then thisbook will open up a whole new world of

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A Spiritual Guide to Great Sex

This article is based on my booklet by the same name, and is also adapted from a chapter in Love Lust and the Longing for God. What?  Spiritual sex…is this an article about Kama Sutra or something?  No.  It is about how the spiritual qualities of intimacy, commitment and character can help you have a

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The Heart of Spirituality

An Interfaith Exploration of What It Means to Be Spiritual Not everyone cares about being spiritual.  The fact that you have clicked on this article suggests that you are one of the ones who do.  People like you (and me) would like to believe that we are spiritual people — but are we, really?  How

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