The Secret of Emotions by Justice Saint Rain is a helpful guide to understanding the connection between our emotional sensations, and our experience of virtues. Since most of our decisions are motivated more by our emotions than our intellect, understanding the messages emotions are sending will have a profound impact on the rest of your life.

If following your heart has repeatedly gotten you into trouble, but to follow your head feels like a kind of soul-death, then this book will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. It will teach your head how to understand the language of your heart, and teach your heart how to speak the language of God by explaining the connection between our emotional sensations and the Divine virtues that we long for.

“The Secret of Emotions was life changing.”

“This is probably the most thought-provoking book I’ve ever read. I’m not sure I wanted to dig this deep, but dig I did. The Secret of Emotions will stun and amaze.” 

“It is like 500 counseling sessions in one.”

This is  book 1 of the Love, Lust and the Longing for God trilogy, which is available both as a set of three books and as a single volume.