The Secret of Forgiveness by Justice Saint Rain

It is said that to hold on to anger is like picking up a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at your enemy. You are the one who gets burned.

Many of us understand this intellectually, but actually letting go of anger is not so simple.

In order to forgive, we must first heal the hurt that caused the anger.

Secret of Forgiveness
Secret of Forgiveness

To heal anger – to heal our wounded hearts so that we can let go of anger – we must first give ourselves permission to feel the anger. We need to hear that, yes, something bad did happen to us, and that we didn’t deserve it.

You need someone to say:
Yes, you have been wounded. I believe you.
I really do.
You can tell me about it, and I will take your side, because your pain matters to me.
You matter to me.

If you haven’t received that in the past, then of course you’ve found it difficult to forgive.
But all that can change now.

This book offers an empathetic approach to healing your wounded heart, so you can let go of the anger and break the chain of resentment that keeps you bound to the people and situations that have hurt you. This gentle approach is also applied to the process of forgiving oneself.