My name is Justice Saint Rain.  I am an author of books for people who are struggling to apply spiritual principles to real-life challenges with love, sex, shame, addictions, depression, poverty, and a host of other issues that most people would rather ignore.  The books I write tend to be personal, honest, and thought-provoking.  Consequently, I receive many phone calls and letters from people who have their own personal stories to tell about the challenges they face in life.  Some just need validation.  Others have questions or observations they would like to explore.

This is the place to do it.

I will be writing about new thoughts I’ve had about the subjects discussed in my many books, booklets and pamphlets.  Once I am done setting it up, this blog will have categories for each of the books I’ve published, so you can read about and comment on whichever ones have caught your interest.  But the real beauty of these blogs is that I can explore these ideas with you, and get your feedback in almost real-time.  I look forward to hearing from you.
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    • That’s a good question. Though I don’t address this directly in any of my books to date, both True Wealth for Troubled Times and Why Me? deal with issues of trusting God to be on your side. You’ve inspired me to post more on this subject. Thanks.

  1. Just received your book in the mail. The Secret Of Emotions. I’m on page 6 and plan on completing it by the weekend. I am currently going through what can only be called Hell On Earth meaning your book could not have come at a better time. I firmly believe in making life happen although lately life has been happening to me. I hope and believe I received your book by prayer as along with making life happen, there are no coincidences. Once I have finished your book, I would like to comment on what I’ve learned from your writing and maybe share with you an idea on a book I plan to write and hopefully publish within the next 2 years. Look forward to the continued reading. You are my date this evening! Lol….all the best!

  2. I received your book about an hour ago and have read much of it. I have always struggled with integrating my brain and my heart. Your book’s “whole person” approach is refreshing and likely to be the most helpful book I have read yet.

    I have a question that I would like your thoughts on.

    I married a man that had poor values. I so related to your observation about fear and love. I knew intellectually and somewhat emotionally from the start I shouldn’t be with him. Yet, here I am. Oddly, I am not sorry I married him. But…

    He has struggled to change his thinking and his behaviour. I have seen much change. I should be proud of him but find that my fear has only grown. He was very dishonest with me in the past and still has a tendency toward deception. I know it is fear and shame based. He has been improving but I just can’t seem to cut him a break. Every omission or justification sends me over the edge.

    He is attempting change. I see it. But I don’t trust it.

    The 7 years of our relationship has taken its toll on me. I am spent.

    Do you feel that it is possible to grow together and overcome our past? I know my fear is justified. But it is less justified than in the past.

    My problem is that I can’t see into his heart to corroborate that these changes are real. I feel I am being unfair by not responding more positively toward the outward changes. My fear controls everything.

    I want to remain married.

    You made a statement about seeing a person’s potential and despite the virtues that he lacked, I saw so much potential. Now that he is striving toward his potential I am so tired that I can acknowledge It but not appreciate it. And perhaps he is just trying to be who I want him to be…. He is passive and a please.

    Do you have any advice for me? How can I stop struggling? I want to love him without allowing my fear to overwhelm observable data. I don’t know if I am capable. I want to be.

    Thank you.

    • Something that members of the Baha’i Faith do that might be helpful for you is something called a “Year of Patience.” It is a time to live apart before deciding whether or not to end a marriage. The goal is to reconcile, but with the advantage of some detachment and perspective.
      Dishonesty is the most corrosive element that can exist in a marriage. If he is, indeed, changing, then this would be much easier to see from a safe distance. A separation would also give him relief from the daily doubts and interrogations that he gets from you, which must be just as hard on him, if he IS being honest, as they are on you in your fear that he is NOT.
      If there are any substances involved in his behavior, then finding an Al-Anon support group would be helpful. If not, a CoDA group might meet your needs better. In any case, I always recommend getting outside support and perspective, either through friends, a 12-step group, or a good therapist. If you think therapy is expensive, wait till you try divorce!
      I wish you the very best.

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